Investment Criteria

Our investment platform targets multi-family investment opportunities that meet the following principal criteria:

  • Value Added opportunities with a clear potential to improve financial performance.
  • 20-100 Units properties that are too large for unsophisticated investors but too small for institutions.
  • Puget Sound Urban Neighborhoods where residents can walk to urban amenities.
  • $500K – $5.0M Equity Raise combined with debt to fully capitalize the investment program.

As a subset of its principal criteria, Hamilton Urban Partners targets three specific investment types:

  1. Reposition – Occupied properties with operational upside through better management and light upgrades.
  2. Redevelopment – Unoccupied and/or distressed properties requiring significant construction work and offering upside through efficient construction, timely lease-up, and attractive financing.
  3. Development – Ground up development projects with investment upside through efficient design, careful execution, and emerging locations.

Current Opportunities
To learn more about current opportunities, please contact